the fishermen ministry-Africa

Grace Mountain Assembly

Testimony of James Kemokai

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17
My testimony is based on the above Bible verse to glorify, honor and praise my heavenly Father Almighty, my creator and marker. Amen. You may wonder why and would like to know just how this change happened in my life. I will try to be very brief; straight to the point to glorify God as the Holy Spirit helps me. Read on for start:

I was born a sinner through my biological Muslim parent who still keeps a Muslim Religion and faith to present. Though my father died during the war in Liberia in 1996 refusing to receive the salvation of Jesus Christ, my mother is still practicing and following after this belief and practice, as I am praying for her salvation everyday.

Being lost in religion and sin and as a pagan growing up having no consciousness at all what is sin and where it was leading me to, the year 1995 became a turning point in my life when the mercy and grace of God led a woman (a school girl at that time called Barbara) who came in contact with me when I was frustrated of life and my current situation at that time when every thing seemed meaningless to me and life was not worth living because of the many troubles, struggling and suffering situations that where really slowly killing me from the inside out. At this point, I even walked away from my job, never caring to return their again, neither to send in a letter of resignation what so ever. I was left with my last option of doing worst things to end my life out of the world.

This same day I decided on ending my life was the day Barbara showed up and this first contact with her opened the door of my continuousness to Jesus Christ's death on the cross for my sin and saving me from going to hell. Later, she invited me to go to Sunday service with her to hear the Word of God for myself.

Answering of cause to an invitation to go to church on Sunday was easy, but going to church became the most difficult thing to do for me at that time. You can imagine my religious background, extended family members becoming very hard and standing very strong against this woman (Barbara) who wanted to take their son (James) from the faith and belief kept by their fathers passing onto generations to present. But this woman was very committed, persistence and she was very consistent, allowing the Holy Spirit to use her to bring me to the Lord at all cost even unto this very day.
You really don't want to know what happen that Saturday night in my life on my bed before Sunday. It was a battle going on in my life as I was between life and death. Imagine it is like you don't belong to someone and by force that person wants to take and snatch you away before your owner. This was the kind of battle I was into that night in my dream with the forces of evil, who were doing everything possible to take away my life that night.

Praise God! Their plan failed that night for; my master Jesus, who holds the key of life and death in his hands, rescued me. The next day I was in service with the woman who God sent to come and take me to meet HIM in that Sunday service. Amen.

That very Sunday of September 1995, I received JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and personal SAVIOR; later I got baptized into water and by fire with the evidence of speaking in tongues to this day.

About this very woman who God used to bring me in the faith called Barbara, she became a partner to me in the faith, going and attending regularly Sunday and weekly service activities, as well as doing evangelism together within the communities. We lived separately at that time. Barbara later became my wife in July 28, 1996 and the Lord has blessed us with two (2) children. A boy name (Courage) and a girl name (Faith). Amen
About how I came into contact with the Fishermen Ministry:

I will like to fast forward at this time of my service after being so very zealous for the Lord in works and service and not having a personal relationship with him at all who called me to himself first and to seize from all my works and services to please him.

You want to hear it? Read on.

Yes, from 1995 to 2002, I was zealous for the Lord and was doing my best to serve and please him. To me this was by observing to be in church service regularly, attending revival, seminar, doing missionary work and all the religious aspect of being seen as a Christian. I thank God for the Salvation of Jesus Christ, which is not given by work or by personal sacrifices less anyone, should boast.